Pumped! Fired up! That was my reaction when I found out I was chosen to run the 42nd Marine Corp Marathon in Washington D.C. this fall. I will be joining runners from all 50 states and 50 different countries. Additionally, the MCM is ranked as one of the largest marathons in the US and the world. Couple that with knowing the race is organized by the men and women of the United States Marine Corp and I’m sure it will be an unbelievable experience.

Three reasons stand out in my mind why this will be a race experience like I’ve never seen before:

  1. The mission of the race is to promote physical fitness, generate community goodwill and showcase the organizational skills of the US Marine Corps.
  2. No prize money is offered to winners, instead the race celebrates the honor, courage, and commitment of all finishers.
  3. The race backs up the first two points by offering a “transfer policy” so that those who did not get selected for the lottery can still earn a spot if a registered participant cannot attend

The October 22nd race means I will begin my training in June. This year, I’ll plan a different training schedule as well as making sure my healthy eating stays on point. I figure if I precisely follow my new plan, I’ll find my 3 seconds.

Run with purpose, finish with Pride.

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