We Have A Content Problem

LinkedIn is a tremendous tool to help us stay connected, find a new job, meet new people, research companies and industries, and even provide us with sales opportunities. We use so many different forms of social media that it has become increasingly hard to leverage each tool. For many, the line has become blurred between how to interact on LinkedIn as opposed to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I have noticed as the site has evolved, the functionality and purpose have shown an inverse relationship to proper user engagement. While the ease of use has become increasingly better over the years, I’ve noticed that the content in our news feed has declined. We are sharing but not providing our opinion and insights. We read postings but do not engage the poster. LinkedIn is partly to blame for our laziness. There is even a new section for “Suggested for you to share” articles. Just click the “Share” button and you appear engaged in the community. Sharing articles alone doesn’t equal true engagement. As I continue my quest to maximize the benefits of LinkedIn and become a model user, I have uncovered some not-so-original steps we need to take to create better content and promote engagement.

Promote your company! Promote yourself!
It’s not bragging. You are proud of what you do so share your successes and projects with others. LinkedIn is the perfect place to build your personal brand while tying yourself back to your company’s successes. Your prospects, customers, future hires, and competitors are watching so control the narrative. You have the power to make a lasting impression so tell the world what you are doing, what you are proud of, and how you are an integral part of your company’s success.

Like & Comment
• Congratulate your connections on promotions and new jobs
• Like job postings, especially if you are not interested in the job for yourself, so that others in your network can see what is available
• Provide feedback on articles posted
Not only is your activity is visible to your network and beyond but these are simple steps to stay in contact and network electronically. By following these few easy bullet points, you are involved in a form of a conversation. People like to get “likes” and “comments”. So do it. It takes very little effort and can go a long way in staying connected.

Share but also provide your thoughts
Finding relevant and meaningful industry articles is one of the key benefits of LinkedIn. We share them, but I’ve noticed in some cases (of course unofficially and can’t be proven) that we are sharing based on the title without even reading the article. This doesn’t mean the shared article is without merit but rather another indication that we have become lethargic and have not shown any interest in making an effort to share our thoughts. The next time you see that article you want to share, post a couple of sentences on your insights from the article to tell your audience why we should click and read.

Use @mentions in status updates and comments
@mentions are like award recognitions. Your network can see this as well as theirs. You are promoting someone else’s brand while affiliating yourself with them at the same time. It’s a win-win situation.

Following these easy steps results in the elevation of your personal brand and promotion of your company, for FREE! LinkedIn is the tool, we are the content. It’s up to us to how meaningful we make the tool.

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