About Marathon-Fire

Marathon-Fire was born out of two simple concepts. First, approach your strategies, no matter what they are, as if you were running a marathon. Running a marathon is hard. It’s damn hard. That is why less than 0.5% of the population has completed running the grueling 26.2 mile trek; however, preparing to run a marathon is considerably harder. Planning your regime, meal preparation, and executing your workout plan are all equally contributing parts leading up to having the guts to persevere through the 26.2 mile race.

Second, it is not enough to want to run your race or develop a new strategy. You must have the desire to see the entire process through. I like to call this having the “fire in your belly” to prepare, stay consistent, and execute your race and complete your goal.

As a business strategist, I hold these two concepts in the forefront of my mind in practically all I do – from work to family, and yes, to running marathons.  Marathon Fire was created to touch on all aspects, hopefully in a fun and exciting way.

Thank you for stopping by.